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Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Sexy Tattoo Designs

    Women get tattoos to express themselves, to convey a message or to accentuate their femininity by choosing sexy tattoo designs. The top 3 tats that females go for are flowers, butterfly and star tattoos since these are images that they can readily relate to their womanhood and life in general.

    Flowers have always been associated with love, beauty, passion and a whole lot of other things. With their timeless grace and exquisite beauty, they have always been a favorite subject in art be it in paintings, decors and literature. They are admired not only for their physical attribute but also because of the symbolical meaning attached to them. That's why its no wonder that they have caught the fancy of tat enthusiasts with flower tattoos being one of the top popular designs.

    Butterfly tattoos no matter how common they are still continue to be on the lead when it comes to choices of tat designs. These creatures are naturally gorgeous and women always want them tattooed on their body because of their undeniably great artistic appeal. On top of that, the meaning that comes with butterfly are very much fitting to what a woman undergoes such as change, transformation and rebirth.

    Star tattoos can be indicative of going for one's dreams or goals in life or suggestive of hopes and wishes. They can also mean a woman's desire to shine and be a star. Shooting star tattoos, on the other hand, can also symbolize a brief fleeting moment in a woman's life or they can also represent important people in their lives. Stars look stunning when inked on the body and with their flexibility and versatility, they have remained as one of the top choices for sexy tattoo designs.

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