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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

5 Hottest Tribal Design Tattoos Ever

    Tribal Design Sun.
    This is probably the oldest design, as our ancestors believed the sun and moon were gods. These tattoos were a sign of spirituality and of their beliefs.

    The cross design tattoo has been popular for thousands of years. Many use this tattoo as a sign of religious beliefs or Christianity.

    Tribal Dragon
    Dragon tattoos have been popular for many years, originating in the East. A contemporary feel has evolved with dragons when they are tattooed with a tribal design.

    Tribal Celtic
    This is a marriage made in heaven, the tribal and the Celtic are like yin and yang. Each style complements the other. The artistic feel of the circular Celtic design with the bold contemporary style of the tribal. Although both styles have been popular for century, this is a design which will never be out of fashion.

    Tribal Script
    Fonts or lettering are always popular, getting your loved ones names permanently tattooed is a sign of everlasting love, so it's safer to just get your kids names tattooed. I might sound a bit cynical, a tattoo is for life and marriages can end. Sanskrit and Arabic fonts when tattooed with a tribal design create not just a name but a masterpiece. Although names are the most popular, many people are now having meaningful saying tattooed on their bodies.

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