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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

New Tattoo Ideas - Tribal Armband Tattoo

    Armband tattoos are predominantly worn on the bicep and wrap continuously around the arm. There are no set rules, some like a thin band and others go much wider or go the whole way and have full arm tattoos.

    Before you decide what type of tattoo to have you should take into account your body type and arm size, as the tattoo can be used to make the arm look more muscular, more toned or even more slender depending on what you choose.

    Tribal armband tattoos are becoming more popular, especially among younger people; this is probably due to many top film and sports stars now having them and they are not exclusively for men, many women now are having the armband tattoo.

    Tribal armband tattoos have been used throughout history as a way of showing that you belong to a certain tribe, clan or family and has the symbolic meaning that you are associated with that group for life and can never leave, just as you can never remove your tattoo.

    Although tattoos have become a fashion statement in the latter years, throughout history just about every race, religion and culture in the world has an affinity with the armband tattoo and they would incorporate many of their powerful symbols such as the moon, the stars and the sun within the tattoo design. Many of these symbols would have represented the gods that would be worshiped within the religion or culture

    Although tattoos in general are becoming more and more popular there is still a thing in business where many companies do not like tattoos being visible, especially if they deal with the public, as they feel it generates a bad image for the company. An armband tattoo is therefore an ideal tattoo as it can easily be covered with a shirt or blouse and possibly even a short sleeved shirt or dress as the need arises.

    The tribal armband obviously was symbolic originally but now with more tattooists being excellent artists within their own rights, the designs are getting more intricate; however many of the most popular tattoos such as dragons, snakes, rope, barbed wire and swirly flowing patterns still form a vast amount of the designs being chosen.

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