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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

The Beauty of Fairy Tattoo Designs

    When we think of woods, forests, and nature, we are reminded of fairies. Fairies are appealing for children because of their mystery, beauty, and whimsicality. They breed rich imagination as well as bring joy and hope among its believers. This reminder of innocence and simplicity is what prompts people, especially women, to get themselves fairy tattoo designs. Fairies carry with them an air of elegance and youthful exuberance, explaining why so many people are instantly drawn to it. Whether from mythology, literature, or plain TV shows, they are always portrayed as that certain being that radiates with minimalistic beauty.

    Often times, fairy tattoo designs come with high use of colors or single-toned images, bright colors and stars or dark inks and tribal designs, the use of nature in the background or as a fellow subject, etc. With the latter, they're commonly positioned on flowers, mushrooms, or leaves. At times, even with tiny butterflies or other minuscule creatures of the forest. They are often posed with their wings spread out or at least part-open either standing up, lying on their stomachs, kneeling, or sitting down while hugging their knees. Depending on personal preferences, you could go with simplistic designs that come with great emotion or those that offer a sense of playfulness to it.

    There are numerous templates available for fairy tattoo designs especially since they're a popular choice among women. These however come at slightly expensive rates because of its use of intricate detail, a careful play of lines and shades, and of its being highly stylized. With this as the case, it would be best to think out of the box and try coming up with your own design. After all, you wouldn't want to be having the same tattoo as many others simply because you picked it out of a catalogue or the Internet.

    If you aren't that confident in your skills in the creative process, you could search for fairy tattoo designs that you really like then find an artist who specializes in it. The same way there are artists who specialize in tribal designs, anthropomorphic images, multi-colored shading, etc. When you have, inquire if he or she could customize it for you. It's a better option when you want to make the tattoo more meaningful rather than letting it become a mere accessory of the body. Try printing a style out then do a dry run by wearing a henna version of the design first.

    One great thing about fairy tattoos is that rich symbolism and meaningful interpretations accompany fairy tattoo designs. Its symbolic versatility allows us to craft the fairy into something that is truly relevant and significant to us. As earlier mentioned, people choose fairy tattoos because of its beauty or for what it represents. Many feel like fairies remind them of youth and of childhood memories. As for a symbol of hope, fairies project the personification of human wishes and desires, fate and destiny. Carrying a fairy tattoo captures the essence of it being a magical being that offers its wearer lots of confidence, comfort, and happiness.

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