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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

A Guide To Tribal Tattoo Designs

    I have a site set-up that looks at the most popular tattoo designs and the number one most popular is the tribal tattoo. Now, this surprised me because I figured dragon, snake, cat, or a number of other designs would be more sought after, but I was wrong. So, what is it that makes this design stand out? Stay with me and I will run a couple of ideas past you.

    Firstly, the rapid growth in females getting inked has seen an upsurge in designs and colour, and no other place is it more noticeable than tribal tattoo designs. The shift in the use of colour and the countless available designs, and the high level of skill required these days to become a successful tattooist artist has resulted in only your imagination limiting the possibilities.

    Secondly, the powerful imagery and the significance of the markings, the bold strokes once only worn by warriors or used in rituals, has now moved into the mainstream of society. Now, if you come from a proud tribal background and proudly wear your design with pride, then you are probably not happy to see your heritage go mainstream, worn by people who, more than likely, have chosen this design, just because they like it!

    So why pick a tribal design if you have no real connection to a warrior history? I like to think it's because many of us today have grown up without experiencing our own rite of passage, rites that are deeply embedded in our old brain, but not practised today out of fear or relevance. You know, as well as I do, you are not about to ask your neighbours over to dance around a fire or chant some Gothic text so your son or daughter can experience their very own rite of passage. No, those days a long gone, but I believe part of us still is longing for that experience, and that is where the tribal design comes in, it connects you once more with something deep inside you.

    Now, if you are thinking this guy has no idea, you could be right. Perhaps I'm only looking for an excuse for why I chose this design, but I'm happy, and you will be too with what is available nowadays. For example, an animal insignia, such as tigers, lions, or snakes, dragon motifs are also very popular, or lettering as a remembrance of a loved one, or to display your club or brand loyalty, are also very sort after.

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