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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

Sexiest Tattoo Designs

    1. Butterfly tattoo:

    When it comes to getting inked, the first preference of women population is a colorful butterfly. The butterfly tattoo is a representation of beauty, freedom, cheerfulness, tenderness and change. Women relate themselves with the butterfly and love the butterfly tattoo.

    2. Tribal tattoo:

    The second famous tattoo for women is Tribal tattoo design. It can be a graphic design, traditional tribal design or mixture of both. The amalgam of savage and the contemporary ideas makes tattoo enthusiasts to fall for tribal designs.

    3. Star tattoo:

    Star tattoos are beautiful to look at and stars represent fame, leadership, and fortune. Women love to get themselves inked with small and colorful stars. Sometimes they fall for many stars in a cluster. Stars make exciting tattoos and women find them sexy.

    4. Fairy tattoo:

    Women love fairytales, magical creatures and innocent designs. Fairy tattoos are popular among women because it fairies can fly, make wishes come true, and are innocent and pretty. Fairy tattoo looks beautiful and stylish.

    5. Zodiac tattoo:

    One can always relate to their zodiac, this make zodiac tattoos popular among women. Zodiac tattoos look sexy plus they make the person represent their personality.

    The top five locations for women tattoo include:

    1. Lower back:

    This is the sexiest spot to get yourself inked. With the popping up of trend of hip hugging, low waist denims; women have started flaunting their lower back accentuated with tattoo. Low waist tattoos look hot, feminine and iconic.

    2. Inside wrist:

    Wrist tattoos look beautiful and classic. It is one of the most exotic spot which you can flaunt. Inside of a wrist is also popular spot for tattoo among women because one can any time hide the tattoo with any accessory including a bracelet, watch or bangle.

    This spot is popular because it is easy to cover up using a watch or bracelet if needed.

    3. Above ankle:

    Women usually love to get inked on ankle with small designs or zodiac signs. This spot is sexy and it can accentuate the beauty of your footwear plus if you want to hide it, you can always wear socks.

    4. Neck:

    Tattoo on neck looks seductive. Generally women fall for neck tattoo because it is less prone to infections and your hairstyle can always hide it if you don't want your tattoo to be visible.

    5. Foot:

    Foot tattoos are fetching popularity among young girls. A foot tattoo is generally a tiny, uncomplicated and attractive. Young women love it because it is quite stylish and looks highly feminine.

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