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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

7 Great Aspects of Tribal Tattoo Pictures and Designs

    Significance of Tribal tattoo pictures

    Tribal tattoo pictures are extremely popular in the tattoo industry, so popular in fact, that they account for a huge percentage of the total design demands today. It is their uniqueness and appeal that attracts people towards them. These are designs derived from the original tribal tattoos, but of course they held a deeper meaning and significance. It is for this reason that tribal pictures don't account for a lot of history or origin and hence have little meaning associated to them. They are purely for aesthetic purposes.

    Tribal Design

    The original tribal tattoos were meant for various purposes, including ceremonies and rituals, for example marriage. They were used to differentiate men of one tribe from the other and signifying designations. There are proofs of this in ancient history.

    About the Tribes

    There were two motives of marking someone with a tattoo, the first one of course was associated with the identification and differentiation of people belonging to different tribes, the other was a popular belief that these tattoos would enable individuals to find their tribesmen in life after death. Ironically this belief is still common today, plus identification tattoos are quite popular too.

    Rites and Rituals

    Tattoos were also used to mark children on their coming of age, to test their bravery and courage and to see whether they can tolerate the pain. This was supposed to make them stronger for the challenges that lay ahead in their lives.

    Totem Animal Guardianship

    Animal tattoos had great significance in the olden days. Another belief was that a person with an animal tattoo was gifted with the blessing of that particular animal, and therefore he was under its protection. It also meant passing of the qualities and traits of that animal to the wearer.

    To Cast Enchantments

    Another motive of wearing tribal tattoo pictures was to cast magic spells and enchantments on victims, the tattoo was only revealed to these people. In order to make the magic more effective, additional ingredients were added to the tattoo.

    The Original Tribal tattoos

    It is true that the methods of tattooing have changed and people don't use bones and needles to create patterns on the body anymore, owing to the new techniques and advancements. But still there is something about the tribal tattoo pictures to everyone among us, perhaps it is because of their rich history and intricacy, we feel like we too are associated to those people.

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